ֱapp2030 challenges our faculty and staff to reignite our student-first campus culture by requiring that we offer the right mix of in-demand academic programs and a highly engaging traditional undergraduate experience, while also aggressively pursuing emerging markets. It also asks students, alumni, and friends of the university to support our work by investing in the plan’s critical aspects. The transformational change ֱapp2030 envisions is both necessary and possible, but it will take the commitment of every member of Blazer Nation to make it happen.

Goals and Strategies

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1 – Create Career-Ready Graduates

Align ֱapp’s degree program mix with student and employer demand and ensure that all programs ready their graduates to succeed in their careers, in life, and as citizens.

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Align the university’s degree portfolio with student and employer demand.

Market and infuse career readiness throughout the student experience.

Finalize and/or improve the systems necessary to maximize institutional success toward this goal.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 2 - Build On Our Foundation

Make ֱapp’s traditional undergraduate opportunity a first-choice option of prospective learners who desire an on-campus learning experience that is dynamic, engaging, distinct from fully online programs of study, and supported by services that build community and aid completion.

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Promote student success through teaching innovation & excellence.

Create & sustain a thriving community outside of the classroom.

Reawaken in-person engagement in the on-campus learning environment.

Retain our standing as Georgia's most beautiful university campus.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 3 - Maximize Growth

Fully capitalize on the Online College for Career Advancement, Graduate School, and international student recruitment by removing roadblocks and making timely strategic investments.

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Maximize Online College for Career Advancement (OCCA) growth.

Maximize graduate school growth.

Maximize international student enrollment.

Support students where they are.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 4 – Invest In Our Future

The ֱapp family will advance the success of this plan through a capital campaign that provides the targeted investments needed to maximize growth.

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Maximize growth through targeted investments provided by the capital campaign.